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Wednesday, 22 August 1984
Page: 137

Senator TATE —by leave-On the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Nationwide program of 20 August 1984, at the end of a segment of the program titled, in the transcript which I have obtained from the Parliamentary Library, 'Special Background Report on Mr Justice Murphy, and Morgan Ryan, the ''Age'' Tapes, Temby Report, Briese Allegations, Etc', in a comment by Ian Cross, the reporter, on the likely outcome of the deliberations of the Senate Select Committee on the Conduct of a Judge, among other things, it is said:

But it looks as though political loyalties, so prevalent during this entire affair, will continue to prevail.

I wish to protest most strongly at any suggestion-I believe this to be more akin to an assertion than a mere suggestion-that political loyalties have swayed the assessing and weighing of evidence at any stage during the deliberations of the Committee, on terms of reference given to it by the Senate.

Naturally, I speak on behalf of myself in denying most strongly any influence by political loyalty on any decision that I have made in the progress of that inquiry or in coming to any conclusions. But as Chairman of the Select Committee on the Conduct of a Judge, I hope that I may be allowed by the Senate to say in this personal explanation that the viewers of the Nationwide program would have been very badly misled if they concluded from it that the Committee as a whole or any individual members of it were approaching their task in any spirit other than that of a most honest, scrupulous, non-partisan assessment of the evidence presented.