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Friday, 15 June 1984
Page: 3211

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Social Security)(10.02) —Unlike Senator Crichton-Browne, I make no claims to be a lawyer, an accountant or anything else in this place. I would have thought it was fairly clear from the legislation and the explanatory notes that if someone did the sort of diabolical deed that Senator Crichton-Browne talked about, in ignorance, innocence or anything else, there would be no hope of a prosecution succeeding against that person, the company or anybody else. I suppose it would be different if something were done deliberately. I suppose it would be different if a company hired people three down the line-hired a contractor then a subcontractor-and then said: 'Go on. Go ahead and bulldoze out this sacred site'.

Senator Crichton-Browne —No. Say the subcontractor who is engaged has a driver--

Senator GRIMES —If he does it innocently and in ignorance--

Senator Crichton-Browne —No, say he does it willingly.

Senator GRIMES —Then he would be responsible for the person he hires, I would imagine. The Attorney-General (Senator Gareth Evans) has just arrived. He can give that sort of advice. I will not give legal opinions in this place. I do not claim to be an economist, a lawyer or anything else in this place.