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Friday, 15 June 1984
Page: 3205

Senator BOSWELL(9.21) —I take up the Minister on the last point that he made about the number of declarations which will be introduced into the Parliament. I have a Press release from the Australian which states that the Western Australian Museum has declared 750,000 areas that should be able to be registered as Aboriginal sites. One's mind boggles if the Parliament has to go through--

Senator Macklin —Most of that has been done already.

Senator BOSWELL —If there are 750,000 areas, there will obviously be more when this legislation takes effect. I want to know what provisions the Minister intends to make for this Parliament. Will we have, say, a Saturday morning sitting every month to deal with sacred sites? How will we handle this legislation?

Senator Macklin —With a great deal of difficulty.

Senator BOSWELL —With a great deal of difficulty, as Senator Macklin said.