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Friday, 15 June 1984
Page: 3107

Senator HARRADINE(10.28) — I will be brief because I understand there is a problem in regard to the time that will be needed to deal with substantial pieces of legislation that will be brought before the Senate. I simply express my concern that the good work that has been done by a number of people, including members of the Administrative Review Council, should not be dissipated by disaffection which may be able to be overcome by adequate explanation or, indeed, by more appropriate consultation. Obviously this legislation, insofar as it relates to the determining of matters which affect the interests of veterans and their families and the review procedures in respect of matters that are so determined, is important to many people. It is important to the veterans concerned and their families. It is also important to those people who are, as it were, voluntary workers in the Returned Services League of Australia and other organisations and the professional workers who either are involved in the appeals system or, indeed, are the advocates before it.

I do not wish to canvass all of the matters that have been mentioned in this debate by Senator Scott and Senator Macklin. I have received representations as well about many of the matters that have been raised. I simply put on the record that the subject matter of those representations are well known, probably to all honourable senators, and certainly to the Government. I hope that if the Government intends to pursue this measure and not delay it so that consultations can take place it will, in the period leading up to the Budget, have further consultation with those persons and those organisations which have expressed some degree of doubt about some aspects of the legislation.