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Wednesday, 13 June 1984
Page: 2975

Senator PETER RAE(10.22) —I support Senator Harradine's expression of concern.

Senator Gareth Evans —Are you starting one, too?

Senator PETER RAE —No, and I am not joining the Senator Harradine Party either, strange as that may seem. But I remember over the years the times when we had the Australia Party and Senator Turnbull and the Liberal Movement and Senator Hall. We have had all the problems associated with an executive buying votes and giving to some people special benefits-double offices, extra staff and other forms of recognition. I say to Senator Robertson that I am not suggesting that this has been the exclusive preserve of any particular government at any particular time. I am just suggesting that over the years of which I have knowledge, which are only the last 16, I have a recollection of some occasions on which these sorts of questions have arisen. I believe that Senator Harradine' s questions are reasonable, that the responses from Senator Gareth Evans are not as precise as they could be. We do need more definition; otherwise the game of politics can be confused more than it should be by, shall I say, Executive fiat- I think that would be the best way that I could attempt to use the term. I do not wish to delay the proceedings. I support the concern expressed that there is a legitimate question to be raised.