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Thursday, 7 June 1984
Page: 2779

Senator GARETH EVANS (Attorney-General)(4.58) —So that I do not forget what I have just been told I shall deal first with this vexed question of whether the letters are going to be placed above the boxes, below the boxes or beside the boxes.

Senator Harradine —Or not at all.

Senator GARETH EVANS —Or not at all. I am advised that the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform has made no recommendation on this. It is devoting all intellectual and physical resources to this problem at the moment. In due course, no doubt, a recommendation will be forthcoming which will be capable of implementation by regulation and which will not require us to go through this business again. We can all work out where we want to put them and if honourable senators do not like the result they can seek to disallow it. On the consensual basis on which this has proceeded so far, no doubt whatever strong views honourable senators may have on the location of the letters will be effectively communicated to the Committee and we will sort the matter out well in advance of there being any practical problems. I am not sure whether that answers the problem the honourable senator had, but that is the message I got to pass on.