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Thursday, 15 November 2018
Page: 8236

Senator POLLEY (Tasmania) (09:41): I've made comments previously on the government's amendments, and I now move our amendments relating to those.

The CHAIR: Which amendments are these? Senator Bernardi.

Senator Bernardi: I was just seeking the call after the amendments had been moved by the government. I wonder whether they'd be in a position to explain what these amendments actually do.

The CHAIR: Yes, we're just in the process of Senator Polley moving amendments, so I think we might deal with that.

Senator Bernardi: I was seeking the call before because the government had moved amendments and I wanted to know, from the minister, what the amendments actually were.

The CHAIR: Yes, and we'll come back to that. We're just in the process of doing that. I will get Senator Polley to finish what she started, and then we'll see if the government wants to respond to the question you've just asked.

Senator POLLEY: I move amendments on sheet 8574, circulated in my name:

(1) Amendment (3), item 1A, omit the definition of national system employer.

(2) Amendment (6), item 16A, subparagraph 70A(1)(a)(iv), omit "a national system employer", substitute "an employer".

(3) Amendment (6), item 16A, omit subsection 70A(4).

(4) Amendment (6), item 16A, at the end of section 70A, add:

   (6) For the purposes of this section, using information for a purpose includes requesting or requiring the information for that purpose.

(5) Amendment (6), item 16B, before section 71A, insert:

71AA Definitions

      In this Division:

   My Health Record of a healthcare recipient includes a My Health Record of the healthcare recipient that has been cancelled or suspended.

   use information for a purpose includes request or require the information for that purpose.

The CHAIR: Senator Bernardi, would you like to put your question now?