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Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Page: 131


Mr SHORTEN (MaribyrnongLeader of the Opposition) (14:15): My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer to his last answer, where the Prime Minister neglected to mention superannuation. During the election campaign the Prime Minister said that the government superannuation policy was absolutely ironclad. But the AFR reports this morning that the Prime Minister's proposed changes to superannuation are not expected for at least a month because of 'changes demanded by the backbench.' Will the government implement its election policies on superannuation unchanged?

Mr Pyne interjecting

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the House will cease interjecting.

An honourable member interjecting

The SPEAKER: I recognise the voice but there's been some seat changes. Cease interjecting wherever you are.

Mr TURNBULL (WentworthPrime Minister) (14:15): Mr Speaker, there has been a seat change but not a sea change! I thank the honourable member for his question about superannuation. We did take a clear policy on superannuation to the election and that is our policy. As the Treasurer has said on several occasions, as has the minister for revenue, we are consulting with stakeholders about the implementation in the normal way.

An honourable member interjecting

Mr TURNBULL: The honourable member opposite is reminding us of Senator Cormann's wibble-wobble song. I think you would be better off not doing that, frankly. I thought it seemed to be a very good fit.

We are consulting on implementation. We took a detailed plan to the election. Changes to superannuation, as honourable members opposite, particularly the Leader of the Opposition, should know—

Ms Macklin interjecting

The SPEAKER: The member for Jagajaga is warned.

Mr TURNBULL: are very complex. It is a very complex area and drafting is very complex. I would just note, in concluding, that the Leader of the Opposition in the course of the election so respected the judgement of the Australian people, so respected their right to know what he was offering that he appropriated all of our superannuation savings but would not tell us what his policy was. But there's more! In the Press Club only last week, he did set out what some of his changes were. With a characteristic dedication to the interests of industry funds and disregard for everybody else, the deletions he would propose from our policy were designed to disadvantage older Australians who are over 65 and under 75, women, carers, people on independent contracts and the self-employed—a classic Labor stunt, a classic Labor exercise supporting only one section of the community, reminding us yet again that the Labor Party does not speak for all Australians. It does not speak for older Australians. It does not speak for independent contractors. It does not speak for women who have been out of the workforce with families who want to come back to work and want to catch up on their contributions. No, they get nothing under Labor's scheme. We set out a good policy. The Treasurer and the minister are consulting on it. I look forward to the legislation being presented when that complex task is complete.

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Mr Conroy interjecting

The SPEAKER: The members for Rankin, Franklin and Shortland will cease interjecting.