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Thursday, 9 February 2017
Page: 609

Mr CRAIG KELLY (Hughes) (12:27): In the time remaining I would like to associate myself with the comments of all the members on our side on congratulating the Queen. I think that one of the reasons the Queen has been so successful in our country is not because of the power she has but the power she denies others. It has been said: 'While the Queen occupies the highest office of state, no-one can take over the government. While she is head of the law, no politician can take over the courts. While she is ultimately in command of the armed forces, no would-be dictator can take over the army.' In fact, the Queen's only power, that which she holds and safeguards on behalf of every Australian, is the power she denies others. It is perhaps for that very reason that those many socialist central-planners would like to replace our Queen. Long may she continue to reign over us.