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Thursday, 9 February 2017
Page: 561

Mr GOSLING (Solomon) (16:03): While the member for Hughes is still here, I just want to let you know, mate, that your electorate is going to miss out on $29 million of funding for your schools.

Mr Craig Kelly interjecting

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Hughes!

Mr GOSLING: The member for Boothby, $25 million for your electorate over 2018-19—the schools in your electorate; you could have had for the kids in your school. I do not know why you mob don't just go, 'We don't really care much about education.' I do not know why you do not just tell the truth and just say: 'We don't really prioritise it. We don't really think it's that important.' That would be honest. The fact that you have felt the need during this debate to talk about all other unrelated aspects of policy just shows that you are not serious about it, and you know you are not. It is a disgrace, because you are failing the children of this country and the families of this country. If it is not cuts to family benefits, it is cuts to our schools, which are cuts to our kids' futures, but you guys are probably all right. Your kids—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I remind the member for Solomon to address through the chair.

Mr GOSLING: Through the chair—the member for Hughes, just remember when you go back to your school that your children might be okay, but there might be other kids from families that are not doing too well, and maybe they could do with a little bit more assistance in the classroom. But you are not particularly worried about that; you are more worried about these other little niche side issues.

Mr Craig Kelly interjecting

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Hughes is warned!

Mr GOSLING: Through you, Mr Deputy Speaker, the member for Hughes: you have stood up here and just talked crap, because you obviously do not care about the funding of the kids in your schools.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Hughes on a point of order.

Mr Craig Kelly: I would ask the member for Solomon to withdraw his unparliamentary language and I would like to ask him to reflect on his conduct during this debate.

Mr GOSLING: It is absolutely shameful that you can come into this House—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Solomon did use an unparliamentary term, and I ask him to withdraw.

Mr GOSLING: Sorry, Mr Deputy Speaker. I missed that one.

Mr Craig Kelly: You know what it is!

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: You know what it is. I am not going to repeat it. I ask you to withdraw.

Mr GOSLING: I withdraw. The education of our kids is important to us. That is why we prioritise it. That is why we do not lie to people about education funding. That is why, in the 2013 election, your leadership said: 'No cuts to education' and 'We're on a unity ticket'. But was that true?—through you, Mr Deputy Speaker. That was not true. It was not true at all.

In my electorate, when I dropped my daughter to start preschool the other day, there were so many kids there and so many parents who just want to make sure that their children get the best education they possibly can, but that takes prioritising. It takes a government to prioritise it, and the leader of the government is showing his lack of leadership on the issue of the education of our kids. He is failing to help families in this country to lift up the horizons of the children of our families. Not only is he cutting their family benefits; he is cutting funding from their schools, and it is nothing other than an absolute disgrace. I am sorry, it is. If you do not like it, change your policy. If you do not like it, put funding back into schools because there are kids who are struggling at school and they need a hand and that extra funding that you are denying them, because you will not prioritise the education of our kids.

You could be helping them with more individual attention, more time with the teacher, so they do not go the wrong way, so they can get a good education, so they can go on to VET, TAFE and university—those opportunities that you have had that some of these kids will not have, particularly kids from lower socioeconomic areas. That is what needs based funding is about. It is simple: you help the kids in the schools who need a hand. You are letting down the children of Australia. I am sorry, there is no other way to say it. You are not prioritising the education of our kids. They are our future. Please, think about it. Think about the education of the children of Australia. It is really important. Our future depends on it. A high-technology future depends on it. It should not just be the GS schools or whatever that get those opportunities; every Australian child should have them.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I remind the member for Solomon on how to address members in a debate. Every time he says 'you', he is reflecting on my opinion of things as the person occupying the chair. He might want to understand that.

Mr GOSLING: That was not my intention.