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Thursday, 9 February 2017
Page: 528

Mr ROB MITCHELL (McEwen) (13:57): Yesterday we saw one of the nastiest speeches by the Prime Minister since the election night dummy spit. The second he was questioned about his attacks on families, he spat the silver spoon across the dispatch box. The Leader of the Opposition had the figures; the PM had the tantrum. He tells us that the solution to not being able to afford housing, not being able to afford health care and not being able to afford education is simply to get more money. Get rich parents—because that is what he did. It is all about the money for the member for Wentworth. Even billionaire Kerry Packer said he would hate to come between Turnbull and a sack of gold. And yesterday we were told no-one else can associate with millionaires but other millionaires. The Prime Minister tells us: if you are not a millionaire, you are not of any value to him.

I ask the Prime Minister: what about those Australians who are actually doing the hard work? What about the ones farming our produce, the ones teaching our children and the ones fixing the sinkhole near your joint? The government's $50 billion corporate tax cuts to big businesses are benefiting the same millionaires I mentioned before: 'the Cayman Islands club'. But tell me, 'Mr Harbourside Mansion', what about the families you are hurting? What about the services you are cutting? Eating truffles with your turned up polo shirt collar and your sockless boat shoes might be a thing of the rich, but as you showed yesterday— (Time expired)