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Thursday, 9 February 2017
Page: 521

Mr VASTA (Bonner) (13:34): Today I rise to update the House about a call out I put on Facebook recently, asking constituents to submit their burning questions to me.

The post generated quite a bit of interest. Today I am going to answer some of those questions. However, as I can only mention a few I am going to focus on the questions related to the NBN rollout in Bonner asked by Petro from Wishart and Chris in the Bayside. I thank Petro and Chris for their questions.

As Telstra is now project managing the rollout, they have decided to focus on rolling out the fibre-to-the-node technology before the hybrid-fibre-coaxial technology rollout. In my electorate, Bonner is made up of 77 per cent hybrid fibre coaxial, which means we are awaiting the next update. NBN has recently taken down their old three-year rollout plan, which was released on October 2015. In the meantime there has been a move to provide more accurate and timely information about the NBN, with a brand-new website allowing you to check your address.

NBN has released the first phase of the 'check your address' web function that will provide a date range for when the NBN service will be available at an individual address. Keep in mind that some suburbs are stating generic rollout information on the NBN website, saying it will be delivered by 2020. These suburbs will be updated in the coming months.

Just like the questions I was asked by many others when they want to know— (Time expired)