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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Page: 7924

Mr GOSLING (Solomon) (13:36): As you're well aware, the Northern Territory is an amazing place. There's great food and there are awesome people. It's open and friendly. The lifestyle's fantastic. Even our storms are incredible. Many people sometimes get a wrong perception of the Northern Territory because we're a bit laid back and enjoy life, but it's an amazing place full of all sorts of opportunities and possibilities. I want to reflect on the Northern Territory government's rebranding efforts that have just been announced. The title for the rebrand is 'The Territory, Boundless Possible'.

The rebranding was the result of thousands of conversations with people across Australia and with local and international business leaders. The Territory is a place of boundless possibilities for those who want to grasp those opportunities and are willing to work for them. But what we need is a federal government that can invest in the Northern Territory. At the moment—with whoever ends up running this rabble on the other side—we need to see that commitment. It's been 490 days since an MOU was established for the Darwin City Deal, so it's about time whoever's the Prime Minister comes up and signs it.