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Thursday, 1 August 2019
Page: 1936

Mrs WICKS (Robertson) (12:45): I rise in this place today to put on record my deep thanks and gratitude to hundreds of local people on the Central Coast who were a huge part of the recent federal coalition election win. It is with their help that I have the privilege to remain as the local member and continue to be able to serve the great and wonderful community of Robertson on the Central Coast.

I think all members would agree that we really can't do our job as an MP alone, and that those who join our campaign efforts play such a very important role. Sylvia Lee, I want to thank you for everything that you do, day in and day out, to help not only me and my campaign, but also people right across the Central Coast. Sylvia's given so much of her time to help in the office, to man pre-poll, answer the phones, hand-deliver mail, help with doorknocking—anything that is required. She's always the first one at train stations in the early morning, at 5.30, despite living more than an hour's drive away, she's spent many a late night helping to stuff envelopes, and she's the best on the phone. I know that in the whirlwind of a campaign it can sometimes feel that you're a small cog in a big wheel, but people like Sylvia are the cogs that make everything happen. Our campaign would not have been the same without the enormous effort and commitment of Sylvia.

I'm lucky to have a great campaign committee led by FEC president Sam Giddings. Sam's not only an experienced campaigner and friend but he also helps make sure everything runs smoothly. His eye for detail is one of the best I've ever seen. To our treasurer, Godfrey Franz, I thank you. Godfrey's a diligent treasurer and he worked tirelessly throughout the campaign—in fact, year in and year out—and he's a great asset to our team. To Simon Levy, thank you for your work, especially for going above and beyond, whether it be helping to put together A-frames, put up posters or booth boxes. To the fabulous 'Poss', or Liz Reynolds, who is not only a great friend but also a wonderful and key member of our team, I thank you. Liz is always around to introduce me to new people that she's met or to help plan a function, including our election night celebration, and she's an outstanding host. To our entire FEC: thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To Jack Wilson, Lorraine and Rob Adams, Ian Medlicott, Tim Rolls, Anne and Brian Robinson, Tony and Sharon Gardener, John and Doreen Johnson, Jim Stephenson, Steve Homann, Veronica Cusack, Bob and Judy Welch, Ann and Don McKay, Quentin and Jan Anthony, Gerry Cirulli, Don Ferrier, Terry Morris, Caroline Miller, Julie Pym, John and Pam Collins, Paul Starr, Barbara Whittaker, Irene Dunn, Anne Lyon, Lindsay Cunningham, Jarrod Wright, Harvey Thompson, Zac O'Farrell, Rhiannon Beckers, Jake Bright, Paul Humber, James Monks, Mike Hornsey: thank you.

Our victory would not have been possible without the best staff and the best electorate officer in the country, and so I do want to thank my team—Richard, Denice, Bec, Liam, Laine, Josh, Sylvia and Julie; I will speak about them at a later hour.

To Prime Minister Scott Morrison; the member for Hume, Angus Taylor; member for Mitchell, Alex Hawke; member for Bradfield, Paul Fletcher; the Hon. Scott Farlow MLC; and my friend, member for Terrigal, Adam Crouch: thank you for your friendship and your time. To the Hon. Taylor Martin MLC: you really did go above and beyond, as you always do, to help with our campaign. Whenever we needed you most, you were always there. I really can't think of a person that I'd rather be in the trenches with and to have on my side than you. I just want to say thank you, not only because have you shown an ability to be a true leader in our community and in the parliament, but also because you've shown true leadership by working behind the scenes to do whatever is required to get a job done. Whether that be late-night envelope stuffing or driving down the F3 at a moment's notice to collect campaign material, I thank you for your backing, your friendship and your support. I look forward to repaying it in spades as we embark upon a new term of government at both federal and state levels and continuing to deliver and build for our local community.

I also want to take a moment to thank my beautiful friend and colleague Jilly Pilon, who really did an outstanding job in Dobell. She's a great friend of mine and of every single person in our community. Jilly's got a heart bigger than the ocean, and she did a remarkable job given the limited time and resources that she had. As with any campaign, there are challenges, and Jilly not only rose to these challenges each and every time but exceeded expectations. To Todd Kirby, who is an incredible friend to both of us and an incredible friend to people here on the Central Coast and an outstanding campaigner, and to Brendan Rogers and the entire Dobell campaign team: thank you for the way you supported Jilly. It's only because of these people and more that I have the privilege of being back in this place, serving my community, speaking up for the constituents of the Central Coast, and seeking to build a better tomorrow than what we have today. The people in my community matter; their hopes, dreams and aspirations really matter and, with the support of the Morrison government, I will work each and every day to seek to continue to build and realise the hope and potential of my region.