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Thursday, 20 June 2013
Page: 6465

Mr OAKESHOTT (Lyne) (11:09): As someone who negotiated this change in 2010, I cannot actually recall how long I have got to respond.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: You have got two minutes.

Mr OAKESHOTT: If a former Speaker, the member for Scullin, is arguing a case that there is some sort of inability for a minister to use current sanctions and penalties, if that is the real issue, then I would welcome that as the discussion that we all have as members of parliament. But that is not what is being bowled up before the chamber today. What is being bowled up before the chamber today is, in my view—and as one MP, the limited research that any of us can do to the best of our ability—a separate idea to that. It is a very valuable conversation that we could and should have.

What is being bowled up is a return of labour market testing that was removed in 2001 for, for all I can see, very valued reasons to improve and streamline our processes of government on behalf of not only business but taxpayers in meeting skills shortages. I do not think that the case is mounted as to why we are going backwards rather than forwards in developing new standards in the legislative base—I think that was the term that the member for Scullin used. My point is that I think that the legislative base is fine. From what I can see, if there are cases of business sponsors misusing or rorting, then let us chase them down with the laws that we have got. The sanctions and penalties are clear. If it is a resourcing issue, let us resource properly, and let us send the dogs onto those who are breaking the law. (Time expired)