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Monday, 2 March 2015
Page: 1642

Ms BURKE (Chisholm) (15:13): I want to raise a point of concern in respect of the Treasurer's conclusion to his statement. Given—

Government members interjecting

The SPEAKER: The member has the call.

Ms Burke: I think issues about violence, and provoking it, on the record, are beyond the pale. And if people—

The SPEAKER: The member for Chisolm will resume her seat! If the member for Chisolm was rising on a point of order, she has yet to make the point of order, and at this stage there is not one.

Ms Burke: I am raising a point of order with respect to unparliamentary language and behaviour. To incite violence in any way, shape, size or form—

The SPEAKER: There is no point of order. The member will resume her seat.

Ms Burke: That is a disgrace.

The SPEAKER: The member will resume her seat.