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Wednesday, 13 November 2013
Page: 161

Ms PLIBERSEK (SydneyDeputy Leader of the Opposition) (15:15): Madam Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation.

The SPEAKER: Does the member claim to have been misrepresented?

Ms PLIBERSEK: I do, by the health minister.

The SPEAKER: Please proceed.

Ms PLIBERSEK: Sadly, the health minister sought to politicise the delivery of cancer medicines today. I need to inform the House that in fact Australia now has the best five-year cancer survival rates in the world. There was no disruption under the previous government to chemotherapy services. In fact, some older medicines came down in price. At the same time we listed $2 billion worth of new medicines, 36 new listings—

Mr Pyne: Madam Speaker, on a point of order: the member needs to show where they were personally misrepresented and correct the misrepresentation. It is not an opportunity for argument. The member for Grayndler showed her how to do it. The Deputy Leader of the Opposition has failed to do it successfully. I would therefore put it to you that she has abused the opportunity to correct the misrepresentation.

The SPEAKER: To the Deputy Leader of the Opposition I would say that the member for Grayndler did show how it is done correctly. The deputy leader is not doing it properly. She is indulging in argument. Perhaps the member can show precisely where she has been misrepresented, with a statement and a response.

Ms PLIBERSEK: I do not have the health minister's response in writing, but my recollection of his wording was that there was the suggestion that chemotherapy services were disrupted under my watch as health minister. That is completely untrue. New medicines were listed on the PBS for 17 different cancers.

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the House is seeking the call. I know he is going to say that that is not a proper exercise of the function of correcting the record. But, as the Deputy Leader of the Opposition has concluded, we will leave it there.