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Wednesday, 13 November 2013
Page: 138

Mrs ELLIOT (Richmond) (13:45): Can I say first of all what an honour it is to have been re-elected as member for Richmond for my fourth term. I will continue to represent the people of the North Coast of New South Wales in this parliament. I will certainly make sure I am holding this new government to account for a whole range of very important issues that impact the people of the North Coast.

One of the most important issues is stopping harmful coal-seam-gas mining. This has been a concern of people on the North Coast for a considerable time. Indeed, throughout the federal election campaign many people highlighted to me their concerns about the impact of CSG mining on the North Coast. The reality is that we now have both a state and a federal Liberal-National government that are absolutely committed to seeing CSG mining rolled out throughout New South Wales. I will certainly take them all on, including the new resources minister, the member for Groom, who is out there actively pushing the CSG companies to come to the North Coast. Well, I have some information for him: we do not want the CSG companies there. We will make sure we keep highlighting this at all levels of government.

The people of the North Coast of New South Wales have made their voice and their concerns very clear. They do not want to have any harmful coal-seam-gas mining in our area. We will continue our campaign, and I am very honoured to be able to continue it in the federal parliament. This is an issue right across the electorate. It is of so much concern to everyone in terms of its impacts on our water quality and our environment. It is such a concern for so many people, and I will continue to advocate for the concerns of the people of the North Coast.