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Monday, 20 August 2012
Page: 9222

Mrs GRIGGS (Solomon) (10:35): With only five days until to Northern Territory election, the Henderson Labor team are becoming as desperate as the Gillard Labor government and will do anything and say anything to stay in power. Territorians are well aware that the Henderson Labor team, aka Territory Labor, are spinning out of control.

In recent days we have seen them spinning the truth again. This time it is about their record on crime. No amount of spin from the Henderson Labor team can change the fact that crime is increasing in the Northern Territory. In today's Northern Territory News letters to the editor section, Peter Ward of Humpty Doo makes some very valid points that I would like to share with you today. The title of his letter is 'Mistakes voters shouldn't forget.' He says:

… with election day approaching, voters should remember a few of the abysmal fiascos perpetrated by the current NT Labor Government. Removing open speed limits on our highways. The result an inconvenience to road users, with no reduction in road accidents.

Plastic shopping ban. An inconvenience and additional costs to consumers.

Banned drinkers register. More inconvenience to consumers with no change to alcohol related problems.

Cash for containers scheme. Another costs to consumers.

Out of control crime in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Constant electricity supply interruptions and skyrocketing costs.

A $450 million growing deficit.

The starvation of 800 cattle on Mataranka Station, with the investigation into those responsible purposely delayed by the Labor Government to avoid accountability.

I would like to add a few more mistakes to the list: firstly, that Chief Minister Paul Henderson, leader of the Henderson Labor team, stood next to Prime Minister Julia Gillard when she closed down the live cattle export industry. This has no doubt affected our relationship with Indonesia but it has certainly affected the livelihoods of many, many Territorians. Then there is the Montara oil spill, one of Australia's worst oil spills on record.

The Henderson Labor government's failure on housing speaks for itself. How can anyone forget that, under the Henderson-Rudd Labor government, $672 million was spent on the SIHIP project which delivered two houses in two years? There is no doubt that the only way to stop four more years of a hard Labor government and putting up with their lies and mismanagement is to vote for your local Country Liberals representative. It is time for a change: Territorians cannot afford another four years of Labor. (Time expired)