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Monday, 20 August 2012
Page: 9219


The following notice was given:

Mr Chester to move:

That this House:

(1) notes that National Landcare Week (3 to 9 September) will celebrate the extraordinary contribution by volunteers to practical environmental projects throughout Australia;

(2) highlights the outstanding contribution of Australian farmers and other rural landholders to enhance the environment on public and private land; and

(3) recognises the need for ongoing public funding to:

   (a) employ Landcare facilitators and coordinators who manage volunteer programs;

   (b) support Landcare groups to achieve strategic goals; and

   (c) assist in maximising the volunteer effort.

Mr Billson to move:

That this House notes:

(1) the work of Meniere’s Australia in developing and improving services in Australia for people living with the distressing consequences of Meniere’s disease and other unseen Vestibular Disorders;

(2) that vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, hearing loss and tinnitus are common symptoms of Meniere’s disease which lead to sudden debilitating attacks, loss of employment, social isolation and loss of confidence and personal capabilities in everyday living activities;

(3) that the exact number of people affected by Vestibular Disorders is not known as the conditions are under-diagnosed and under-reported;

(4) that the research from the United States of America indicates that up to five per cent of the population may be living with one or more vestibular conditions which translates to one million Australians; and

(5) that with more support, Meniere's Australia Support Groups would be able to provide much needed counselling, practical advice, information and peer support to both individuals and their families and carers.

Mr Briggs to move:

That that is House:

(1) notes that:

(a) the Australian Greens can formally submit an unlimited number of new policy proposals to the Government for analysis and costing under the Agreement for a Better Parliament: Parliamentary Reform, signed on 7 September 2010 to establish ‘a basis for stable and effective government’; and

(b) on 20 July 2012, The Treasury made a decision on a Freedom of Information request to refuse access to 12 documents relating to Australian Greens’ policy costings because the documents ‘would allow a direct inference to be drawn about subsequent Cabinet deliberations’ and they contained ‘material prepared to inform deliberations of Government’;

(2) recognises that the Government has previously released policy costings, namely:

(a) an Executive Minute detailing costings of the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan, released in full by The Treasury on 2 September 2011;

(b) updated costings on reopening the detention facility in Nauru, released by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 27 January 2012; and

(c) Treasury modelling provided to unaligned Members, released by The Treasury on 24 February 2012; and

(3) calls on The Treasury and the Department of Finance and Deregulation to release all costings of policy proposals that the Australian Greens have formally submitted to the Government for analysis since the 2010 Federal Election.