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Monday, 25 June 2018
Page: 6286

Mr CHRISTENSEN (Dawson) (16:08): I make no specific reference to Queensland State of Origin last night when I say: if you want to kill off cockroaches you hire a pest controller but if you want to kill jobs you hire the extreme Greens. That is exactly what the Queensland Labor government has done. They're doing it with taxpayer money. Queensland Labor is giving $840,000 to 10 conservation councils, including the Mackay Conservation Group.

This group has worked overtime with fellow extremists to kill off 10,000 mining jobs in the Galilee Basin. You've got to ask: why would a Labor government, or any other government for that matter, pay to kill off jobs or undermine the economy? Maybe the CFMEU has finally understood the consequences of Labor's antimining stance and has had a word in the Premier's ear. Maybe she is placating the union by taking her own hand off the trigger and contracting out jobs assassinations now to the likes of the Mackay Conservation Group.

Fellow extremists, Frontline Action on Coal, broadcast live on Facebook last Thursday about having hijacked a billboard on the Bruce Highway near Abbot Point. They encouraged other people to do likewise. Not only did they vandalise the billboard; they also put the Australian Labor Party logo underneath the message on that billboard. I've reported those actions to police and the Australian Electoral Commission. I think the Labor Party should do the same. People shouldn't be out there fraudulently purporting to be the Labor Party. But, instead of reading Labor's rebuttal to that in the paper today, I read about them funding extremists to do the dirty work of killing off the coal industry for them. It's disgraceful.