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Monday, 25 June 2018
Page: 6153

Mr HART (Bass) (13:51): On 28 July, those people who are residents and voters in Braddon will have a real choice to make as to whether they return my good friend Justine Keay, the former member for Braddon, as the member for Braddon or whether they continue this government's unfair attack on working- and middle-class Australians. We know that only Labor has the proper plan to address the lack of income growth that we're seeing over a significant period of time, wage theft, and wage growth at record lows. Only Labor has a plan to deal with that. Labor's plan for bigger, fairer tax cuts delivers double the money that this government is intending to deliver to working-class and middle-class Australians. This government only wants to benefit the big end of town and, in particular, roll out over $17 billion worth of tax cuts to the big banks. These are the people that have put Australia in the position it is in at present. This government does not care about ordinary people struggling on the north-west coast of Tasmania. I know from my constituents in Bass in northern Tasmania that they care about jobs, they care about education and they care about public health. Only Justine Keay is going to be able to deliver, with the Labor team, a future for working Tasmanians and other people in the electorate of Braddon.