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Monday, 25 June 2018
Page: 6094

Indigenous Affairs

This petition of Certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House: To the broad sectors of community support to progress the Referendum Councils Uluru Statement's proposals for an Aboriginal voice to parliament, through a Constitutionally entrenched Aboriginal Committee to sit alongside the Federal Parliament, and For a Makarrata process to facilitate a fair and just relationship between Australians of Aboriginal and Immigrant backgrounds, based on acknowledgement that all Aboriginal people have unbroken family, cultural and law links that extend way back before British occupation, and to build a mutual and respectful acknowledgement of the historical facts of British occupation as the shared history of all Australians

We therefore ask the House to: 1) Progress Constitutional Reform, through a Referendum on constituting an Aboriginal Consultative Committee to sit alongside the Federal Government, and 2) Commence engagement with Aboriginal people, to formulate a Makarrata Commission, to develop a process to facilitate reconciling British settlement of this continent that was already occupied by Aboriginal peoples, with occupation of already occupied lands being unlawful under British Royal Law, British Parliamentary Law and International Law at that time, and to reconcile the present Terra Nullius (Land empty of people) defect in the British claim of Title and on the ongoing British hereditary tenure.

from 259 citizens (Petition No. PN0356)