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Thursday, 4 July 2019
Page: 283

Mr PORTER (PearceAttorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Leader of the House) (10:26):

I ask leave of the House to move a motion for the appointment of members to certain committees.

Mr Burke: I understand that just under half of these are excellent appointments and will grant leave.

Mr PORTER: I move:

That Members be appointed as members of certain committees in accordance with the following list:

Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources—Mr O'Dowd, Mr Pearce, Mr Thompson, Dr Webster and Mr R. J. Wilson.

Standing Committee on Appropriations and Administration—Mr Alexander, Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Connelly and Mr van Manen.

Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts—Dr Allen, Ms Bell, Mr Drum, Dr Webster and Dr Gillespie.

Standing Committee on Economics—Mrs Archer, Mr Falinski, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Laming, Mr Ted O'Brien and Mr T. R. Wilson.

Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training—Ms Bell, Ms Hammond, Mr Hastie, Mr Joyce, Mr Young and Mr Laming.

Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy—Mrs Archer, Mr R. J. Wilson, Mr Zimmerman, Dr Gillespie and Mr Ted O'Brien.

Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport—Mrs Archer, Ms Bell, Dr Martin, Mrs Wicks and Mr Zimmerman.

House Committee—Mr Drum, Ms Flint and Mr van Manen.

Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs—Mr Entsch, Ms Hammond, Mr Thompson, Mr Young and Mr Leeser.

Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources—Dr Allen, Mr Conaghan, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Sharma and Mr Joyce.

Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities—Mr Connelly, Mrs McIntosh, Mr Ted O'Brien, Mr van Manen, Dr Webster and Mr Alexander.

Standing Committee on Petitions—Mrs Archer, Ms Liu, Mr Simmonds, Mr Stevens and Mr L. S. O'Brien.

Committee of Privileges and Members' Interests—Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Goodenough, Mr L. S. O'Brien, Mr Zimmerman and Mr Broadbent.

Standing Committee on Procedure—Mr Goodenough, Ms Liu, Mr Simmonds and Mr Vasta.

Publications Committee—Mr Goodenough, Mr Pearce, Mr Wallace and Mr O'Dowd.

Selection Committee—Ms Flint, Mr O'Dowd, Mr Broadbent and Mr Ramsey.

Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs—Mr Laming, Mr Ramsey, Mr Simmonds, Dr Webster and Mr Wallace.

Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue—Dr McVeigh, Mr Stevens, Mr van Manen, Mr Young and Mr Falinski.

Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity—Mr Conaghan, Mr Laming and Mr Pasin.

Joint Committee on the Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings—Mr Christensen, Mr Entsch and Mr Simmonds.

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services—Mr Falinski, Ms Hammond and Mr van Manen.

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights—Dr Webster, Ms Hammond and Mr Goodenough.

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement—Mr Conaghan, Mr L. S. O'Brien and Mr C. Kelly.

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit—Ms Bell, Dr Gillespie, Mr Vasta, Mr R. J. Wilson, Mr Zimmerman and Mrs Wicks.

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works—Mr Joyce, Mr R. J. Wilson, Dr McVeigh and Mr Goodenough.

Question agreed to.