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Thursday, 4 July 2019
Page: 243

Dr CHALMERS (Rankin) (09:32): on indulgence—Thank you very much, Mr Speaker. I know that it's a special thing to recognise Jason Godschalx in this way and I appreciate that you're doing that. JJ was a mate of mine. He was a mate of Barb Pini, my colleague; Rod Carn, from the House of Reps; and, I know, members of your own office, Mr Speaker. And probably many of us here were proud to call JJ a mate—I see the Treasurer nodding. No doubt he knew a number of us. No doubt he met a number of us in all that time since he became an apprentice painter in the old building in 1985. I know that the colleagues of his, so many of them who are in the gallery today, will miss him dearly, just like all of us who were mates with JJ will miss him very dearly.

JJ was a really tough guy. When he wasn't working here, he was frequently working as a bouncer at a number of the bars around Canberra. I confess that I knew him here and I also knew him in some of those places! I'd see him here in the day in his high-vis and then I'd see him at night in another uniform. He was a really tough guy, but he was so kind, very selfless. He would do anything for you. He did so much for so many people here.

I can only imagine, for Mel and Karla and Casandra and his broader family, and his family here in the parliament as well, just how much you're grieving and hurting now. To lose someone at 50 without any warning is a brutal thing. I'm so pleased that you're marking it in this way, Mr Speaker. I know he was looking forward—they'd bought a little property outside of Canberra, starting to plan retirement and all of that sort of thing: a little farm. I know that he liked to spend his weekends there when he wasn't doing odd jobs for other people, such was his nature. He won't get the opportunity to retire there at that farm, but he won't be forgotten in this place.