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Thursday, 25 July 2019
Page: 1103

Mr WALLACE (Fisher) (11:31): During the recent election campaign the people of Fisher showed once again that they are engaged, that they are discerning and that they have high expectations for those who would seek to represent them in this place. The people of Fisher expect and require that their member of parliament will work hard for them every day, and they expect to see results. That is what I've delivered during the past three years, and it is what I am passionate about delivering in the three years to come.

My first priority has been the first priority of the people of my electorate—expressed to me in hundreds of conversations over the past three months—and that is to make the Sunshine Coast economy stronger. We've helped to do that by passing the Morrison government's tax cuts package. The government's tax cuts are going to make sure that hardworking Australians get to keep more of their own hard-earned money. They are going to reward effort and aspiration and help make sure that, in Fisher and all over Australia, if you have a go, you'll get a go. They are going to stimulate our economy to help ensure that the Sunshine Coast continues to grow and to thrive. That is what the people of Fisher voted for so decisively on 18 May, and that is what we are delivering. It was disappointing to see members opposite and their Labor colleagues in the Senate do all they could to prevent the passage of the tax cut legislation through the parliament. I know that the people of Fisher will remember how members on each side of the House responded to their clearly expressed wishes.

For me, I will not stop there. With the government's tax cuts in place, over the next three years I'll be working hard every day to continue to grow our economy and to bring new businesses, new industries and new jobs to Fisher. I'll work hard to deliver the infrastructure that we need on the Sunshine Coast to keep our tens of thousands of businesses moving. This includes delivering on the $3.2 billion the coalition government has invested in upgrades to the Bruce Highway, and it includes delivering on the North Coast rail duplication, to which this government has allocated $390 million. The first two phases of the Bruce Highway upgrades are underway, and we have 70 per cent of the funds we need for the rail. But our community cannot go forward with endless construction works. I'll work hard to deliver the extra lanes, the extra track and the improved interchanges that we've committed to fund, but I'll do it so that we deliver these as early as humanly possible.

I'll also continue to push harder for action on the crippling congestion affecting local state government roads. In the last federal budget, the Morrison government delivered $5 million to advance planning for congestion-busting solutions on routes like Caloundra Way, Nicklin Way, Kawana Way Link Road and Brisbane Road. As well, the government provided $12 million to fund the building of a new four-lane bridge on Brisbane Road in Mooloolaba. In the next three years I'll work hard to deliver on these projects and get more action on congested local roads. It's all well and good to have a fantastic Bruce Highway, which is what we're building, but there's no point if you can't get to it.

Beyond our roads and rail I'll work with local businesses to grow and develop new industries in our community, which will bring the jobs of the future to Fisher. I'll progress my Fisher defence industry initiative to make sure that more of the coalition's $200 billion investment in defence flows to my community in the form of new jobs in defence and high-tech manufacturing. I'll work to deliver new projects in health care in Fisher, and contribute further towards making our community a national hub—even an international hub—for cutting-edge health. This will include delivering on the government's $12 million for Wishlist's low-cost accommodation hub, on our $6.2 million for endED and it's Australia-first residential treatment facility for eating disorders, and on further research and treatment at the Thompson Institute.

In the next three years I'll work hard to progress some of the big projects that my community needs to take its rightful place among Australia's leading artistic, cultural, economic and sporting centres. This will include upgrades to Sunshine Coast Stadium, new tourism and arts infrastructure in the hinterland and a world-class convention and exhibition centre for our community.