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Thursday, 25 July 2019
Page: 1036

Mr HUSIC (Chifley) (13:56): National security is one of the most critical functions of government. The safety of the nation is a principal threshold priority. It should remain shielded from politicisation, so that the Australian public can remain confident that no-one is playing games with national security. Yet, through his actions, the Minister for Home Affairs has demonstrated he is not worthy of this portfolio. He cannot be trusted and he cannot help himself from promoting politicking above the solemn duty to do the right thing when it comes to national security. Look at his track record. He has trashed the bipartisanship that's guided national security debate. He's deliberately misled the public with falsehoods about the medevac legislation that have proven to be wrong. Under his watch journos' homes get raided yet investigations into how ASIO documents fall into the hands of the media gets dropped. He ratted on deals to fix up the encryption legislation that's hurting Aussie tech firms. Metadata that is supposed to be used under strict terms is being abused and his department refuses to provide legally required reports on what's happening with its use. Millions of dollars in government contracts were awarded to Paladin under his watch. Foreign fighter laws that took years to get here still aren't here properly. He cannot be trusted. We are on to him and we will not rest.