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Thursday, 25 July 2019
Page: 1032

Ms TEMPLEMAN (Macquarie) (13:41): I had the privilege of attending 1st Oakville Scout Group recently to recognise two Queen's Scout awardees. To have one Queen's Scout in your troop is an achievement; having two is a real credit, not just to the young people but to their leaders and to the family support that these young people have. James Miller is a quiet young man with a passion for electronics and building projects, and his last one was a drone. Gabrielle Milne, better known as Gabby, challenged herself to abseil, in spite of her fear of heights. They had to achieve on a number of levels to receive their award, including community service, and both these young people have already made a significant contribution to the Hawkesbury. They're not alone. There are other Scouts from 1st Oakville. There are 1st Glossodia scouts who have achieved Queen's Scout awards, and various Blue Mountains Scout and Girl Guide units have shone in this area.

What strikes me when I go and hear about their journeys to Queen's Scout is the years of work involved and the commitment that they have. They are a real inspiration. While it gives me enormous hope for the future, it also makes me even more determined that the decisions we make here be made in the best interests of those young people. They're working hard; they deserve that we work hard and make the best decisions so their future allows them to shine.