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Thursday, 25 July 2019
Page: 1032

Ms RYAN (LalorOpposition Whip) (13:38): This has been a bit of a sad week for me in the House and in the Federation Chamber as I have listened to member after member on the other side go through their lists of commitments to their local communities. I sit on this side knowing that this government made not one single commitment to the seat of Lalor and not one single commitment, indeed, to the city of Wyndham. It ignored 270,000 people that live in my community.

The worst demonstration of this, I think, came with the MRI licensing. On this side of the House, we made a commitment to provide a fully Medicare-rebated licence to the public Werribee Mercy Hospital in my electorate which serves my community. In contrast, on that side of the House they made a commitment to give a third fully Medicare-rebated licence to Geelong, a city which is not as large as Wyndham and already has two licences to serve it. There is nothing clearer to demonstrate that this government only cares about some Australians. Those of us in Wyndham know that this government made not one commitment to our community—not one road and not one MRI licence.