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Thursday, 14 November 2013
Page: 292

Mr PYNE (SturtMinister for Education and Leader of the House) (11:52): I move:

That so much of Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent:

(1) the Selection Committee:

(a) meeting on or after today, if necessary by teleconference, to determine the order of consideration of matters and the times allotted for debate on each item and for each Member speaking, for private Members' business and committee and delegation business, for Monday 18 November 2013;

(b) communicating its determinations to all Members of the House prior to that Monday; and

(c) reporting its determinations to the House following prayers on Monday 18 November 2013;

(2) the Selection Committee's determinations being shown in the Notice Paper for that Monday under 'Business Accorded Priority' for the House and Federation Chamber; and

(3) in the absence of a fully constituted Selection Committee, that the arrangements for private Members' business for Monday 18 November 2013 provided for in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this resolution be determined by the Speaker, Chief Government Whip and Chief Opposition Whip.

To briefly explain, this motion ensures that the Selection Committee can meet before next week to list private members' business, reports et cetera for the parliament; otherwise that would be delayed further. Obviously, it is the beginning of a new parliament and, therefore, there is no business for them to conduct. This will allow them to start the process of meeting and debating important matters.

Question agreed to.