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Thursday, 27 March 2014
Page: 3395

Ms MARINO (ForrestGovernment Whip) (13:49): Next Saturday is a crucial date for the future of Western Australia. Voters will go back to the polls to elect six senators to represent our great state. This is an opportunity for Western Australians: it is actually another opportunity to reject the high-spending and high-taxing policies of the Labor Party. It is a chance to repudiate the party that left us with gross debt of $667 billion, thanks to $123 billion in accumulated deficits. It is an opportunity to reject the Labor and Greens taxes on Western Australia: the carbon tax and mining tax. It is the chance for Western Australian voters to help get Australia back on track and open for business. It is an opportunity to support small business by getting rid of red tape and regulations.

For too long, government under Labor has been a stumbling block to small and medium business in Australia. The small businesses in the electorate of Forrest need strong representation in the Senate, and this election rerun is their chance to choose it. I hope they see through the dalliance with minor parties, who have their own agendas that are not the interests of the state of Western Australia.

Most of all, 5 April is an opportunity not to be missed to deliver a simple message to Labor and Greens: get out of the way of change for the better for Australia. I hope that message is delivered loudly and very clearly.