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Monday, 3 June 2013
Page: 5023

Resources, Energy and Tourism: Staffing

(Question No. 1443)

Mr Baldwin asked the Minister for Tourism, in writing, on 20 March 2013:

In respect of Program 3 of his department,

(a) what total number of staff are currently employed, and how many are (i) full time, (ii) part time, and (iii) casual,

(b) what is the current number of salary bands available, including Senior Executive Service, and the salary range for each,

(c) what was the total cost of staffing for (i) 2011-12, and (ii) 2012-13 (to date), and

(d) what proportion (in dollars and as a percentage) of program support funding was/is allocated to the implementation of the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy for (i) 2011-12, (ii) 2012-13, (iii) 2013-14, (iv) 2014-15, and (v) 2015-16.

Mr Gray: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(a) As at 20 March 2013, a total of 80 staff were employed by the Tourism Division, comprising:

(i) 63 full-time staff.

(ii) 9 part-time staff.

(iii) 8 casual staff (of these, 7 were full-time and 1 was part-time).

(b) Tourism Division can employ staff ranging from APS2 to SES Band 2. Salary ranges for these classifications are outlined below.


Salary Range


$46,680 - $52,467


$53,166 - $58,204


$59,256 - $65,098


$66,092 - $70,744


$72,729 - $83,106

Executive Level 1

$92,117 - $100,814

Executive Level 2

$112,427 - $127,232

SES Band 1

$150,000 - $212,000

SES Band 2

$213,000 - $265,000


(c) (i) Employee expenses for Tourism Division in 2011-12 were $9.16 million.

(ii) Employee expenses for Tourism Division in 2012-13 (as at 28 February 2013) were $5.97 million.

(d) Consistent with broader Australian Public Service practice, the Tourism Division's operating budget is applied flexibly to meet ongoing and emerging priorities. Implementation of the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy underpins much of the work undertaken within the Division.