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Monday, 3 June 2013
Page: 4714

Hasluck Electorate: Radio Station

Dear Mr Murphy

Community Radio Station Petition

Thank you for your letter of 11 February 2013 (reference 742/1187), regarding a submission received by the Standing Committee on Petitions from 'the people and businesses within the City of Swan region of Western Australia'. I note the petitioners seek the assistance of the House to secure a community radio service for the Midland CBD, within the Local Government Area of the City of Swan, including a variation to the Perth Radio Licence Area Plan, as necessary.

You may be interested to know the petition was referred to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for consideration, as under the terms of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, the ACMA is the independent statutory authority responsible for the planning and allocation of all broadcasting licences. In planning the economic and efficient use of radiofrequency spectrum, the ACMA is to have regard to planning criteria, including demographics and the number of existing broadcasting services in a licence area

(section 23 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992). The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 also provides for the ACMA to determine the number and type of broadcasting services to be available in particular areas of Australia.

The ACMA has advised that it has received applications for temporary community broadcasting licences (TCBL) from two groups seeking to provide temporary community broadcasting services within the City of Swan, including an application from Swan City Community Radio Inc, for a service to cater for the Midland CBD. In January 2013, the ACMA advised both aspirant groups that the 104.1 MHz frequency was suitable for use for temporary community broadcasting purposes in the Swan TCBL RA1 licence area, which encompasses the City of Swan (including Midland). Both aspirant groups have notified the ACMA that they have agreed to share the frequency, with each group broadcasting for 84 hours per week.

It is expected that the communities in the suburb of Midland will be able to access the Swan TCBL RA1 service.

I trust this information will be of use to the Standing Committee on Petitions.

from the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy