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Monday, 1 September 2014
Page: 9143

Mr BOWEN (McMahon) (13:54): We will oppose the third reading because this is a rort to wreck the superannuation of Australians.

The SPEAKER: The member will resume his seat. That is an abuse of the standing orders and he knows it.

Mr Bowen: How? The question was before the House. I sought the call. You gave me the call. I started. How was that an abuse of standing orders?

The SPEAKER: Because I thought you said that you had a point of order.

Mr Bowen: I did not. I said no such thing, Madam Speaker.

The SPEAKER: I am sorry. I thought I heard that. If you assure me that is not the case, then I accept that.

Mr Burke: Madam Speaker, I rise on a point of order. Given that that has now been made clear, does the member for McMahon get to continue his speech?

The SPEAKER: No, because the parliamentary secretary is seeking the call.

Mr Burke: For what? We are in the middle of a speech from the member for McMahon.

The SPEAKER: I will give the call to the member for McMahon.