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Tuesday, 24 February 2015
Page: 1081

Dr SOUTHCOTT (Boothby) (13:36): Last week the Defence minister announced the acquisition strategy for the Future Submarine program, the largest Defence procurement in Australian history. For South Australians there are positive signs that we can build the next fleet in partnership with France, Germany or Japan, similarly to the way in which we built the Collins.

Defence has advised that, for Australian industry to have the best opportunity to maximise their involvement, it needs to work with an international partner. They will be holding industry briefings to inform Australian industry of the potential process and of how they can engage with potential international partners. The Australian government, over the lifetime of this project, will spend $50 billion on Defence procurement. By contrast, last weekend the South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill, announced that he would be spending more South Australian taxpayers' money on a media campaign about subs—not on subs but on a media campaign about subs. If the Premier is serious about work for South Australia—

Opposition members interjecting

Dr SOUTHCOTT: The member for Wakefield and the member for Adelaide have a lot to say, but in six years in government they never once commissioned a naval ship. They talk the talk but they never walk the walk.

The Premier should focus on how local companies can work with those partners to maximise local defence jobs. It would be nice if the state government did something constructive towards this goal instead of seeing this as an opportunity to score political points.

Mr Champion interjecting

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Wakefield! Do you want to be here for question time?

Mr Champion: Yes.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Well, you will remain quiet.