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Thursday, 4 April 2019
Page: 14911


A society that invests in science is a society that prospers both economically and socially since at its core lies innovation, creative/critical thinking and ingenuity. Physics is arguably the most fundamental of sciences who's cultivation of the scientific method and problem solving skills are invaluable and offer far reaching benefits to all aspects of society from technology in industry to education. The field should therefore be nurtured and fostered across all Australian Universities. The reality is that in today's age of discovery and with the rapid growth of technology, an undergraduate degree in physics is not enough to ensure employment in the field. Further more, with the demanding study load and complexity of the subject matter, juggling casual or part-time work with full time study is not feasible for any meaningful educational experience. In fact it is highly discouraged by staff and post-graduates alike. Physics is a growing field with an ever increasing amount of young physics students finding themselves in this paradox where full-time postgraduate study is both necessary and impossible.

We therefore ask the House to review the Federal Register of Legislation: Student Assistance (Education Institutions and Courses) Determination 2019 and implore you to extend student assistance for the Master of Physics for ALL specialisations at all institutions that offer it. The AIP is trying at lengths to increase interest in physics in schools, let's make sure these inspired young minds actually have a fair chance of being able to pursue physics when they get to tertiary education.

from 60 citizens (Petition No. EN0873)