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Thursday, 4 April 2019
Page: 14911


There is an emerging trend making it impossible to survive on the NEW START support when age, race and health are discriminated against. We the elderly and sick can no longer meet our needs to survive. The government created rules and daily maintenance systems for living that favours young people and precludes older people from meeting greater obligations for covering the basic costs of living , working , registration of a vehicle , insurances, fuel, food, electricity, rates and the list goes on.

We therefore ask the House to change the current NEW START system to FAVOUR the elderly over 50 plus who have contributed to Australia all our lives and for the House to take into consideration our FAILING SYSTEM and ability to secure work, maintain our health, balanced food diet , need to travel due to no public transport, rent and financial position and stop finding reasons for NOT looking after those who looked after you all these years. In addition I call for the House to stop refusing our doctors medical certificates and opinions by finding excuses and inventing costly Government systems to exclude the elderly from disability payments or age, race or retraining through study. Costs which a person on New Start simply cannot afford to pay with New Start as their only form of support. We the elderly over 50 have a wealth of knowledge and abilities to offer but are discriminated upon by the youth of today.

from 5 citizens (Petition No. EN0872)