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Thursday, 4 April 2019
Page: 14909

National Firearms Agreement

The National Firearms Agreement and subsequent laws relating to it have proven ineffective in the prevention of homicides and other violent crime based on data from the Australian Institute of Criminology's 2008 "Trends in Violent Crime" report, among other studies. Australians deserve the right to defend their lives and livelihoods without incriminating themselves, which currently isn't practically possible as even some non-lethal means of self-protection are illegal in most states and territories. Firearms have proven as a life-saving tool in situations where the police cannot respond quick enough across the globe and should be legalised for this very reason, as well as for recreational and occupational use. Firearms are overly regulated and require several hoops to jump through to possess. These laws put honest Australians at a disadvantage, while criminals who intend on harming others will do so regardless of the law or the weapons they use. The reform or repeal of the NFA could cause an increase in firearms-related business, interest in sports such as airsoft and target shooting, and taxes could be imposed on the production and sale of firearms and ammunition.

We therefore ask the House to repeal the National Firearms Agreement or to reform it so that mentally sound Australian citizens of clear or non-violent criminal history to own a firearm of any calibre, magazine/clip capacity without a license or government interference. This excludes certain handguns and automatic firearms, which should require licenses with genuine reasons. We appreciate your reading, thank you.

from 993 citizens (Petition No. EN0852)