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Thursday, 21 March 2013
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Ms BRODTMANN (Canberra) (11:49): As part of the celebrations for the centenary of Canberra, UN Women honoured 100 women who have made a difference to Canberra at this year's International Women's Day lunch. As a member of the organising committee, I was very proud to help coordinate the nominations for this wonderful celebration. Over the past few months, I have been asking Canberrans to let me know the great women who should be honoured at this lunch. To be nominated, women must have made a significant contribution to Canberra. The women who were nominated were not all high profile. Most were quiet achievers and influencers who helped shape Canberra, and it was great to celebrate their contribution. I would like to thank the organisers and all those involved in the 100 Years: 100 Great Women event. I would also like to thank the sponsors: the CFMEU, the CPSU, the Property Council of Australia, Kreab Gavin Anderson, Kazar Slaven, Blumers lawyers, Slater and Gordon lawyers and the University of Canberra.

Now I would like to formally record the list of nominees for the 100 Years 100 Great Women: Alison Booth, Amanda Bresnan, Amanda Whitley, Ann Hill, Ann Jakle, Anne Brown, Anne Cahill-Lambert, Anne Knobel, Anne Mann, Annette Ellis, Arja Keski-nummi, Azra Khan, Barbara Hall, Beryl Quartel, Beth Mitchell, Beth Vincent-Pietsch, Beverly Knox, Carole Kee, Caroline Buchanan, Caroline Stacey, Carrie Graf, Catherine Carter, Chin Wong, Chris Faulks, Christina Ryan, Christine Goonrey, Coralie Wood, Dawn Waterhouse, Deb Rolfe, Debra Quinnell, Di Johnstone, Diane Kargas AM, Dorothy Broom, Dorothy Roberts, Elba Cruz, Elise Perry, Elizabeth Grant, Elinor Grassby, Emily Murray, Enid Gibson, Reverend Erica Mathieson, Esther Davies, Euthica Lim, Fiona Langford, Fiona McDonald Brand, Frances Shannon, Gail Freeman, Gale Edwards, Georgina Birchall, Glenda Cloughly, Gwen Wilcox, Dr Gwendolyn Gray, Harriet Elvin, Heather Henderson, Helen Lloyd, Helen Maxwell, Helen Watchirs, the Hon. Margaret Reid, Jane Smyth, Janet Moore RN, Jennifer Bradley, Jennifer Martinello, Jennifer Murray, Judy Hackett, Julie Long, Julie Tongs, June Ashmore, Kaarin Anstey, Kasy Chambers, Kate Walsh, Khin Mar Mar Kyi, Kristen O'Conner, Lauren Jackson, Laurie McDonald, Leila Walter, Lenore Coltheart, Lin Hatfield-Dodds, Lisa Berry, Liz Dawson, Louise Curtis, Louise Savauge, Lynne Harwood, Margaret Evans, Margaret Fox, Margo Hodge, Maria James, Marie Coleman—these are all great women—Marie Lenon, Marie Sexton, Marion Le, Marion Reilly, Marlene Keltie, Maureen Cane, Melanie Poole, Meredith Hunter, Michelle Heine, Michelle Marks, Michelle van Wyk, Moira Najdecki, Nicole Lawder, Noor Blumer, Ondina Gregoric, Pauline McNamara, Priscilla Caragh, Professor Marian Sawer, Rachel York, Rebecca Vassarotti, Joy Bartholomew, Rita Fransen, Roberta McRae, Robyn Duncan, Robyn Martin, Rhodanthe Lipsett AO, Ros Phillips, Rosemary Blemings, Rosemary Follett, Roslyn Dundas, Roxanne Missingham, Ruth Bayley, Sarah Schoonwater, Shoba Varkey, Sr Noeline Quinnane, Stasia Dabrowski, Sue Salthouse, Susan Hampton, Susan Wareham, Dr Susie Close, Theresa Byrne, Uyen Loewald, Valerie Reid, Veronica Wensing, Vickey Hingston-Jones, Vicki Still and Viola Kalokerinos. I did it!

Congratulations to all these wonderful women. Thank you so much for the contribution you have made in public ways, in formal ways, in private ways. These women are extraordinary women and many of them have done work through politics, they have done work through the property industry, they have done work through the economy, they have done work in social services—they have given in many, many ways to the Canberra community. I am very grateful for their significant contribution, and it was a wonderful day and a wonderful opportunity to honour these great women—and I got through the list!