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Tuesday, 26 June 2018
Page: 6361

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (13:57): It's so typical of this Prime Minister that when we talk about Australians who want a fair go, like people who want a good education for their kids, people who want decent health care for their family and pensioners who want to be able to afford to put the heater on this winter, this Prime Minister thinks it's all the politics of envy. He assumes that everyone is just jealous of him. He thinks that everyone wants to live in his bubble.

I've been in this parliament since 2007. I saw the member for Wentworth fall for a fake email scam from Godwin Grech. I saw the member for Wentworth oppose the stimulus that saved jobs and livelihoods during the GFC. But I have never—not once—seen him speak with any passion or conviction about the things that matter to ordinary people. I've never seen him fire up about better hospitals, proper aged care or manufacturing jobs. I've never heard him speak with any passion about education, about TAFE or skills or about giving working class kids a chance to go to university. None of that interests him. The only time he gets angry and shouts and carries on is when he's defending the things he cares about: multinational companies and the big four banks. We don't envy the Prime Minister for that; we pity him.