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Tuesday, 2 April 2019
Page: 14413

The SPEAKER (12:04): I have a short statement on the House division recording system. Members will notice a small change during divisions in the House this week. I'm very pleased to advise that the Department of the House of Representatives, working with the Department of Parliamentary Services, has developed an electronic division recording system. This will not change the way in which members cast their vote. The House division recording system will simply replace the current paper and clipboards used by the tellers to record votes in the House with an iPad. The tellers will continue to be appointed. They will conduct the count and certify the outcome of each division, as is the current practice. Should for some reason the electronic recording system fail, the tellers of course will simply revert to their old system.

Briefs have been provided to the whips, who are responsible for the counting, and the relevant training has been undertaken by the tellers. The clerks and the tellers will be trialling this system at the first opportunity this week. The implementation of the recording system requires no changes to the process of voting or standing orders and no changes to the fabric of the chamber. Importantly, it will deliver immediate publication of the results and the information on divisions for observers of the proceedings and will provide significant time savings for the House. Developed in-house, I'm certain members will agree this is an excellent initiative of the parliamentary departments, and I thank the House.