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Thursday, 24 November 2011
Page: 13818

Parliamentary Behaviour

Ms KATE ELLIS (AdelaideMinister for Employment Participation and Childcare and Minister for the Status of Women) (15:07): Mr Speaker, I seek clarification on the point that the member for Hume made earlier—

The SPEAKER: Is this a question to me?

Ms KATE ELLIS: It is a question to you, if you would like.

Opposition members interjecting

Ms KATE ELLIS: Okay, I have a question to you. Do you think it would be appropriate in this House that we set a standard that (1) we try and lessen the insults and (2) we say that it is totally inappropriate to have gendered insults continually thrown across the chamber and, on a day when we are all saying we are encouraging respect for women, we stand up against it?

The SPEAKER: As the Speaker, I am the arbiter of what is parliamentary and what is unparliamentary. I would counsel all honourable members on both sides to observe civilities because, if that does not occur, our chamber might often appear to have a lot fewer than 150 members.