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Thursday, 24 November 2011
Page: 13793

Mr BYRNE (Holt) (13:32): I move:

That the honourable member for Chisholm, Ms A. E. Burke, be elected Deputy Speaker of this House.

Mr Speaker, I start by adding my congratulations on your elevation to the chair. I am delighted to nominate Anna as Deputy Speaker of this House. Anna was previously Deputy Speaker in this place between 12 February 2008 and 28 September 2010. Anna served in this role with great distinction, great tolerance and great dignity. Anna was first elected as the federal member for Chisholm at the 1998 election. Anna's electorate knows that she is an incredibly hardworking, diligent and tenacious member of parliament. I know her electorate will be pleased that she has again been nominated as Deputy Speaker. Anna's motto on her website is: I am here to help. She believes in it and has demonstrated it. She does everything she can to assist members of the local community, no matter how large or small their problems or their concerns.

One of Anna's distinguishing features is that she is a highly successful campaigner and advocate. For instance, in 2005 she played a major role in this place in protecting people from unwanted telemarketing calls by moving a private member's bill in parliament to create a national Do Not Call Register, which pressured the former government into adopting her policy. In recent times Anna has campaigned against human trafficking. Anna has become a leader on this important issue. Between 500,000 and four million people are trafficked internationally each year. In recent weeks she has met with various groups in her electorate to discuss the 'Don't Trade Lives' campaign. For me, it has always been great to see Anna's passion and commitment when she takes on an issue like this which concerns many Australians.

Anna has also been active in several other local and national campaigns and has been widely praised for her efforts to raise awareness of anaphylaxis and eating disorders. Currently, Anna is Chair of the Standing Committee of Privileges and Members' Interests in which position she presented the Draft code of conduct for members of parliamentdiscussion paper, November 2011, to the House yesterday. She also sits on the Standing Committee on Climate Change, Environment and the Arts, the Standing Committee on Petitions and is on the Speaker's panel.

It is and has been a great honour, Anna, to work with you. You are respected for your passion, your dedication and your hard work—all skills I know you will bring to bear in your role as Deputy Speaker. It is a great honour, Anna, for me to nominate you as Deputy Speaker and I wish you every success in this position.