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Thursday, 24 November 2011
Page: 13779

Consideration of Senate Message

Bill returned from the Senate with amendments.

Ordered that the amendments be considered immediately.

Senate’s amendments—

(1) Clause 2, page 2 (table item 2), omit the table item, substitute:

2. Schedule 1

The day after the end of the period of 6 months beginning on the day this Act receives the Royal Assent.

(2) Schedule 1, item 17, page 7 (line 2), omit "If there is any inconsistency in", substitute "In".

(3) Schedule 1, item 19, page 7 (lines 18 and 19), omit paragraph 60CC(3)(k), substitute:

   (k)   if a family violence order applies, or has applied, to the child or a member of the child's family—any relevant inferences that can be drawn from the order, taking into account the following:

      (i)   the nature of the order;

      (ii)   the circumstances in which the order was made;

      (iii)   any evidence admitted in proceedings for the order;

      (iv)   any findings made by the court in, or in proceedings for, the order;

      (v)   any other relevant matter;

(4) Schedule 1, item 22, page 9 (line 21), omit "if there is any inconsistency".

(5) Schedule 1, item 45, page 15 (line 9), omit "Subject to item 47, the", substitute "The".

(6) Schedule 1, item 45, page 15 (line 11), omit "whether instituted before,", substitute "instituted".