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Monday, 20 August 2018
Page: 7655

Carer Visa

The petition of Bosnian Club Adelaide, 1 Frederick Rd, Royal Park, SA 5014 Draws to the attention of the House: Commonwealth legislative matter.

We therefore ask the House to: Dear Sir/Madam, Ms. Ismeta Martincic has been a member of Bosnian Club almost for 20 years. She is an Australian citizen. For more than 2 years, her son, his Wife Olga and Grandchild Dmitry cared and looked after Ms. lsmeta Martincic. Ms. lsmeta Martincic is happy to be with her family. She doesn't want to be separated from them. She is surrounded by love and care from her only son and only grandchild. We are happy to have family Martincic as Bosnian Club members. As President of Bosnian Club and in the name of our members, we ask you to grant a care visa and work permit for Zlatan Martincic and his family so that Ms lsmeta Martincic can continue to live a happy life with her family.

from 110 citizens (Petition No. PN0360)