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Thursday, 22 September 2011
Page: 11243

The SPEAKER: I present report No. 33 of the Selection Committee relating to the consideration of bills. The report will be printed in today's Hansard. Copies of the report have been placed on the table.

The report read as follows—

Report relating to private Members' business and the consideration of bills introduced 19 to 22 September 2011

1.The committee met in private session on 21 and 22 September 2011.

2.The committee determined that the following referrals of bills to committees be made—

Standing Committee on Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry:

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Horticultural Code of Conduct) Bill 2011; and

Constitutional Corporations (Farm Gate to Plate) Bill 2011;

Standing Committee on Climate Change, Environment and the Arts:

Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Significant Incident Directions) Bill 2011;

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services:

Consumer Credit and Corporations Legislation Amendment (Enhancements) Bill 2011;

Standing Committee on Education and Employment:

Education Services for Overseas Students Legislation Amendment (Tuition Protection Service and Other Measures) Bill 2011;

Education Services for Overseas Students (Registration Charges) Amendment (Tuition Protection Service) Bill 2011;

Education Services for Overseas Students (TPS Levies) Bill 2011; and

Higher Education Support Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2011;

Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications:

Telecommunications Amendment (Enhancing Community Consultation) Bill 2011.

3.The committee recommends that the following items of private Members' business listed on the notice paper be voted on:

Orders of the Day

AQIS export service rebate (Mr Cobb)

Coptic Christians in Egypt (Mr C Kelly)

National standard for fertiliser products (Mr Pyne)

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Fair Protection for Firefighters) Bill 2011 (Mr Bandt).

4.The committee amended its determination of 14 September 2011 in which it referred the Wild Rivers (Environmental Management) Bill 2011 to the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry for inquiry and report, to set a reporting date of 2 November 2011.

The SPEAKER: I apologise that the copies are not placed on the table, but this gives me an opportunity to indicate that the head chamber attendant, Cheryl, has been away all week because she was in an accident on the weekend, with another member of the department's staff, and we wish them both a very speedy recovery.