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Tuesday, 9 October 2012
Page: 11745

Army History Unit

(Question No. 1154)

Mr Robert asked the Minister for Defence, in writing, on 20 August 2012:

(1) What was and is the budget for the Army History Unit (AHU) in (a) 2011-12, and (b) 2012-13, respectively?

(2) If the funding for 2012-13 is less than for 2011-12, (a) how will the reduction be achieved, (b) what services will be affected, (c) will the AHU's research and publication of several different series of Australian military history continue in the same capacity, and (d) will serving members of the Australian Defence Force continue to receive a complimentary copy of any requested title published by the AHU?

Mr Stephen Smith: the answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) (a) The budget for 2011-12 for the Australian Army History Unit (AAHU) was $2.7 million.

(b) The budget for 2012-13 for the AAHU is $1.3 million.

(2) (a) The decrease in funding has been achieved through some reduction in the publishing program, introducing e-book technology and deferring this year's Chief of Army History Conference. This will now be a biennial conference and offset the biennial Land Warfare Conference.

(b) No services will be affected. AAHU is primarily tasked with producing military historical analysis in support of Army's modernisation. This support will continue. In addition, the budget allocation will enable the Army's substantial historical collection to be maintained and accessible to visitors from within the Australian Defence Force and the wider public. The AAHU will also continue providing support to the Capability and Technology Management College.

(c) (d) The military history publishing program has been reduced, but will continue to produce quality Australian military history titles. The only publications that were supplied free to Defence members were The Australian Army Campaign Series.

This will now be produced via e-books to improve distribution and access to all serving members online via the Army's online learning portal, i-Army.