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Tuesday, 9 October 2012
Page: 11666

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (21:45): Madam Speaker, I congratulate you on your elevation to the role of Speaker, and it gives me great pleasure to second the motion nominating the member for Hindmarsh as Deputy Speaker. I have known Steve for a long, long time. He is a man who has always behaved with great honour, has always had a lot of integrity and has always been known as a good Labor man. Steve was elected to this parliament eight years ago today, so I would just like to say: happy anniversary, Steve! Since then he has been a champion of his electorate of Hindmarsh and every elector within it. I often get to meet some of Steve's electors as I am out and about in Adelaide, and nobody has ever said a bad word about him. They know that he is standing up for them in this place with all the guts and fight he has in him. I just wanted to reflect on all the great work he does in his electorate.

The member for Hindmarsh has served on the Speaker's panel for five years, and during that time I think he has shown that he has the skills to perform the role of Deputy Speaker. He has shown that he is a very inclusive member of parliament and a very compassionate and very fair person, and I think those values will serve him well in the Deputy Speaker role.

I have had the pleasure of not only knowing Steve for a long time but also serving with him on committees. In the 41st Parliament, he was Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Health and Ageing and, in the 42nd Parliament, he became chair of the committee, a role he continues to fill in this 43rd Parliament. I served under Steve's chairmanship during the 42nd Parliament, and I have to say he commanded a great deal of respect from members from all sides of the House as we undertook a number of different important inquiries, which he steered incredibly well.

The member for Hindmarsh would make a great Deputy Speaker. I know that he is very much supported by his beautiful wife, Wendy, and his sons, Alex and George. I think he is an excellent candidate for the role of Deputy Speaker and I second his nomination for that position.

The SPEAKER: Are there any further proposals?