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Tuesday, 16 August 2011
Page: 8240

Mr OAKESHOTT (Lyne) (21:28): In the very short time that I have to speak on the National Health Reform Amendment (National Health Performance Authority) Bill 2011 tonight, I will refer to some administrative matters. One is that I understand there is a second reading amendment before the House from the coalition which states:

... the House declines to give the bill a second reading until provisions establishing the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, including its functions and responsibilities, are presented to the House for its consideration.

Likewise, I will be presenting in detail an amendment as recommended via the House committee that worked on some aspects of this bill. That will be in the consideration in detail stage and I understand there are substantial government amendments to be presented at that stage. I encourage all members to have a look at those amendments because in many ways what we started with when it was first introduced in this parliament—

Debate interrupted.