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Monday, 10 September 2018
Page: 8368

Mr JOYCE (New England) (13:37): I'd just like to say how important the work that we are doing with the drought is. Just this morning we had meetings with the department of agriculture—and I'm looking forward to having further meetings with the Prime Minister of Australia—about how we make sure that this No. 1 priority of our nation is seen through. I'd like to commend the work that has been done by so many people, such as those in the Western Australia who have put forward large amounts of fodder. One instance that I'd like to note is the 6½ thousand tonnes of oaten hay that is now in New Norcia and that we are endeavouring to bring across. This sits on the back of a further 500 tonnes of barley hay that we're organising and further fodder that's coming in from Esperance down the pipeline. We have a massive task in front of us, and we must be fully aware that, even though there are some areas that have had rain, there is further work to do. In the coming days I'll have a meeting with Major-General Stephen Day, and this will put all the resources, in a coordinated fashion, into making sure there is delivery. It is something that I believe is of a bipartisan streak. I want to commend the Labor Party for the work that they are doing in making sure this is not parochial and is focused on an outcome.